If you need bulk capacitance – and we’re talking 1.0F+ – for mid-voltage power supply and inverter filtering or energy storage applications such as power hold-up and welding equipment, then a screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitor is your go-to device.

Off-the-shelf plastic film capacitors peak out at around 20,000µF, and custom-designed units from specialist plastic film capacitor manufacturers such as Aerovox and API Capacitors at around 50,000µF.

Supercapacitors are designed for power back-up, energy harvesting and pulse power applications, but are severely limited by their working voltage e.g. 5.5Vdc maximum for discrete devices, and around 170Vdc for modular units. Discrete supercapacitors, even threaded terminal types, may also lack the current carrying capabilities of a large aluminum capacitor.

The 16 screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors below are all high capacitance devices rated at 1.0F or higher, and are manufactured by leading global brands for industrial power supply, inverter and energy storage applications.