5 surface mount film capacitors from Exxelia/Dearborn for SMPS applications

Written by Anthony Kenny

March 30, 2019

Switch Mode Power Supply Capacitors

These surface mount five devices from the Dearborn division of Exxelia are metallized plastic film self healing, low inductance capacitors designed for filtering on switch mode power supplies.

Overall capacitance range is 0.0082µF to 180µF and operating voltage range is 50Vdc to 1,000Vdc.

An introduction to induction heating and induction heating capacitors

Induction heating occurs when an electrically conducting material is placed within a varying magnetic field. The heating is due to eddy-current losses within the material (in magnetic materials such as iron, some heat is also generated by hysteresis losses).  An...

Conduction-cooled capacitors add direct-mount options

Illinois Capacitor recently expanded its lineup of HC and LC Series Conduction-Cooled Capacitors, which include new direct-mounting options for the HC Series. The devices target high-current demands required by resonant power circuitry. The new line is rated up to 1,200 A RMS and 1,100 VAC.

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