A guide to vibration tolerant aluminum hybrid capacitors for industrial and automotive applications

Aluminum hybrid capacitors typically have poorer vibration handling properties than conventional electrolytic types because the solid polymer cannot absorb vibration as well as a liquid electrolyte.

However, some manufacturers produce specially constructed versions designed to withstand high vibration environments.

The series listed below are either dedicated vibration tolerant devices or available in an optional vibration tolerant configuration.

NameManufacturerCapacitance RangeVoltage RangeExtended Performance
CDE HZA V Aluminum Hybrid CapacitorsCornell Dubilier22µF - 330µF25Vdc - 80VdcLong Life
CDE HZC V Aluminum Hybrid CapacitorsCornell Dubilier33µF - 330µF25Vdc - 63VdcHigh Temperature,Long Life
NIC Components NSPE H Series SMT Hybrid Aluminum CapacitorsNIC Components6.8µF - 560µF16Vdc - 125VdcLong Life
NIC Components NSPE S Series SMT Aluminum Hybrid CapacitorsNIC Components10µF - 1,000µF6.3Vdc - 16Vdc
NIC Components NSPE TC Series Aluminum CapacitorsNIC Components180µF - 560µF25Vdc - 35VdcHigh Temperature
NIC Components NSPE TF Series Aluminum CapacitorsNIC Components10µF - 470µF25Vdc - 100VdcHigh Temperature, Long Life,
NIC Components NSPE TJ Series Aluminum CapacitorsNIC Components150µF - 470µF25Vdc - 35VdcHigh Temperature
Panasonic ZC Series Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsPanasonic10µF - 330µF25Vdc - 80VdcHigh Temperature, Long Life
Panasonic ZE Series Aluminum Hybrid CapacitorsPanasonic33µF - 330µF25Vdc - 63VdcUltra High Temperature, Long Life
Panasonic ZK Series Aluminum Hybrid CapacitorsPanasonic33µF - 470µF25Vdc - 35VdcHigh Temperature, Long Life

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