Single layer ceramic capacitors

Both single layer ceramic capacitors (SLCCs) and multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are commonly used in broadband circuits, and both are available in temperature stable high Q, Class I dielectrics and high capacitance Class II dielectrics.

Multilayer ceramic capacitors are for all intents and purposes a “stack” of single layer ceramic capacitors connected in parallel, a construction that results in reduced loss and parasitic inductance when compared to an SLCC. However, the trade-off is an increase in component size and height.

Single layer ceramic capacitors are typically of a monolithic construction featuring a thin single layer ceramic plate with a conductive material top and bottom. This construction results in a miniature, low profile device available in a range of capacitance values from 0.1pF to 10,000pF, although voltage ratings are limited to 200Vdc or less due to the small size of the device.

For lower operating voltages at lower capacitance values, single layer ceramic capacitors offer an extremely compact solution for frequencies up to 100 GHz.

They are also available in versions with precisely designed borders for enhanced visual definition for PCB assembly as well as in standard and custom arrays that further reduce overall footprint and assembly costs.

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