A guide to TDK ceramic disc capacitors

TDK is a major global producer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, plastic film capacitors, MLC capacitors, TDK ceramic disc capacitors, transformers, inductors and other passive components for commercial, industrial and automotive applications.

Their range of high voltage TDK ceramic disc capacitors are designed for snubber applications in high voltage power supplies (including automotive) and lighting ballast circuits.

They are all radial leaded devices and are available in SL, B, E, and R ceramic temperature characteristics.

For details on other commercial grade high voltage ceramic disc capacitors, view our post on Vishay Cera-Mite devices.

NameActual Capacitance RangeActual Voltage RangeMounting StyleGrade
TDK CC45 Series3pF - 470pF1,000Vdc - 6,000VdcRadial LeadsCommercial
TDK CK45 Series100pF - 4,700pF1,000Vdc - 2,000VdcRadial LeadsCommercial
TDK CK45-RR Series100pF - 2,200pF1,000Vdc - 2,000VdcRadial LeadsCommercial
TDK CK45-RR Series100pF - 1,000pF1,000Vdc - 2,000VdcRadial LeadsAutomotive