Vishay Draloric high voltage ceramic disc capacitors

Vishay Draloric product is the legacy of the formerly autonomous German manufacturer Draloric Electronic GmbH. Vishay acquired the company in 1987.

The roots of the Draloric company date back to 1900 when the Selb based company Rosenthal established a factory to design and produce technical ceramics for electrical applications. The company was renamed DRALORIC ELECTRONIC in 1974.

Draloric went on to specialize in the production of high voltage ceramic capacitors for high RF power applications such as induction heating and transmitter tank circuits.

Draloric, Selb

They were also a major European producer of film resistors.

High voltage ceramic disc capacitors have been a part of their product range for many decades.

Vishay Draloric high voltage ceramic disc capacitors are high performance devices designed for general bypass, coupling, decoupling and snubber applications in high voltage power supplies, lighting ballast systems, X-ray and laser equipment and similar high voltage pulse circuits.

NameCapacitance RangeVoltage RangeMounting Style
Vishay H...K Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors100pF - 4,700pF1,000Vdc - 3,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay HA... Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors10pF - 0.022µF1,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay HB... Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors10pF - 0.022µF2,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay HC... Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors10pF - 10,000pF3,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay HD... Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors10pF - 4,700pF4,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay HE... Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors22pF - 2,200pF5,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay HF... Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors10pF - 6,800pF6,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay HGZ Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors100pF - 2,200pF8,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay HIK Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors100pF - 1,500pF15,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay HVCC Capacitors100pF - 0.002µF10,000Vdc - 15,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay IEL Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors12pF - 36pF25,000VdcRadial Leads

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