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AVX expands tantalum capacitor line with lowest profile of 0.5 mm

Sourced byAnthony Kenny

April 8, 2019

Adding to its line of low-profile TACmicrochip capacitors, AVX Corporation claims that its newest 3216-05 capacitor offers the lowest profile in the marketplace. At 0.5 mm high, the capacitor can be embedded in 0.8-mm-thick PCBs or in ultra-thin handheld devices. The most compelling benefit of the 3216-05 is that embedding the tiny capacitor frees up space, allowing designers to create small and thin designs for applications such as hearing aids, audio and power amplifier modules, near-field communication (NFC) systems, smart cards, wearable electronics, and industrial handheld devices.

The “I” case capacitor (EIA Metric 3216-05) features a capacitance value of 10 F and a voltage rating of 6.3 V. It enables designers to take advantage of capacitor space and weight reduction, as well as immunity to piezoelectric noise and higher stability, reliability, and temperature performance, all features of tantalum capacitors.

TACmicrochip capacitors feature an internal construction that is designed to eliminate the space consumption and thicker walls common to conventional molded tantalum capacitors. Tin-over-nickel terminations are standard in the series; however, gold-over-nickel options are also available. The operating temperature range is −55°C to 125°C.

The TACmicrochip capacitor family is now currently available in 11 case sizes (1005 to 3528), with heights ranging from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm. Capacitance values range from 0.10 μF to 150 μF, and voltage ratings span from 2 V to 25 V.

For more information about the 3216-05 tantalum capacitor, including datasheets, technical information, and catalog, visit TACmicrochip.

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