Multilayer ceramic capacitors are in short supply. Last week we posted an article on aluminum polymer replacements. This week we examine tantalum polymer capacitors.

The Characteristics of Tantalum Polymer Capacitors

  • low ESR
  • long term reliability
  • benign failure mode
  • small and low profile

Standard tantalum polymer capacitors are suitable for use in commercial and industrial applications while extended performance types target aerospace and automotive requirements.

There are 38 series currently in production; 36 of these are surface mount devices, 2 are axial leaded (the KEMET T550 & T551 Series).

Like aluminum polymer capacitors, they lack the high voltage and high temperature ratings of MLCCs. Voltage ratings top out at 125Vdc (the AVX TCJ Series) and temperature ratings at 150°C (the KEMET T599 Series).

3 hermetically sealed series (AVX TCH, KEMET T550, KEMET T551) are available for harsh environment applications.

As an aid, we have provided an interactive chart of the complete range of tantalum polymer capacitors available to you below.

Overall capacitance range for discrete devices is 0.47µF – 2,200µF (KEMET produces a modular device at 8,200µF) and voltage range is 2.5Vdc – 125Vdc.

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