An introduction to high Q MLC capacitors

When selecting a capacitor for high frequency applications, it is important to evaluate frequency dependent parameters before choosing a particular component. As operating frequency increases, power usage becomes critical. High Q MLC capacitors for RF/microwave applications are optimized to deliver optimal performance at high frequencies. Quality factor or Q is a figure of merit that measures the efficiency of a reactive component such as a capacitor; its fundamental description is the ratio of energy stored to energy dissipated per unit time.  

C0G (NPO), a Class I dielectric material, is widely used in the construction of high Q MLC capacitors for high frequency applications such as DC blocking, RF coupling and impedance matching in RF power generators, RF amplifiers, cellular communications systems, satellite communications systems, wireless communication devices, and magnetic resonant imaging systems.

The frequency of operation of RF/microwave systems varies depending on the application. To meet the requirements of different systems, high Q MLC capacitors are available for a wide frequency range.  In addition, these capacitive elements come in a broad range of capacitance values.  Apart from high quality factor, most RF/microwave applications also require components with ultra-low dissipation factor and equivalent series resistance.


AFM Microelectronics

AFM Microelectronics is specialist manufacturer of MLC capacitors headquartered in San Diego, California.Their range of high Q MLC capacitors comprises chips for high frequency applications and chip/leaded devices for high power RF and MRI applications.They also produce a range of chip capacitors for high temperature (+200°C) RF/microwave applications.


American Technical Ceramics is a wholly owned subsidiary of AVX Corp. Their range of high Q MLC capacitors comprises low ESR/ESL, NPO (COG) and porcelain chip capacitor for low power RF/microwave applications, and high RF power chip and leaded devices.


AVX is a major global manufacturer of high performance capacitors in a variety of dielectrics.

AVX, Greenville, SC