Johanson Dielectrics SMPS MLC Capacitors

Written by Anthony Kenny

Feb 20, 2019

February 20, 2019

Johanson Dielectrics

Johanson Dielectrics is a leading manufacturer of multilayer ceramic capacitors.

Their range of high performance devices includes commercial low and high voltage chip capacitors, high temperature chip and leaded devices, EMI filter capacitors, Tip & Ring devices and bulk capacitance stacked MLC capacitors for SMPS applications.

Product Overview

The Johanson Dielectrics range of stacked MLC capacitors for SMPS filtering applications feature:

  • high capacitance ratings
  • low ESR/ESL
  • NPO, BX & X7R dielectrics
  • 50Vdc – 500Vdc
  • custom sizes, voltages and values available
  • NPO > 20µF
  • BX > 340µF
  • X7R > 800µF

Johanson Dielectrics SMPS MLC Capacitors

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