Murata has started production of X1 leaded ceramic safety capacitors rated at 760Vac(rms) for high voltage industrial applications such as 3-phase power supplies, inverters and motors.

31jan17-Murata-DE1-capacitors-647Called DE1, the series can also be used as a Y1 class capacitor for connection between an ac power line and ground, for which it is rated at 500Vac(rms).

It complies with IEC 60384-14, UL60384-14 and EN60384-14 for X1 / Y1 class capacitors used in EMI suppression circuits.

“With its compact dimensions, the capacitor also aids reducing the overall space requirements of the application,” said the firm. “It is also rated with a maximum operating temperature of 125°C, permitting it to be placed close to the source of the electromagnetic noise.”

There are standard values from 10pF to 4.7nF, in sizes from 6 to 14mm diameter.