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TDK CeraLink™ Capacitors

Reviewed by Anthony Kenny

February 6, 2019

TDK CeraLink™ capacitors feature a space-saving design that connects multiple MLC capacitors in parallel across the same terminals. Their patented antiferroelectric technology exhibits an increase in capacitance with an increase in applied voltage. These 2 characteristics make them suitable for snubber circuits in space-saving applications.

One advantage of parallel switching is low ESR values significantly below 10 mΩ at high frequencies to 1 MHz, and an ESL value of 3 nH. Voltage overshoots when switching are substantially lower than with conventional capacitor technologies.

Thanks to their extremely low ESL and ESR properties, CeraLink capacitors support higher switching frequencies and the use of lower-cost and more robust semiconductors (e.g. high-speed IGBTs versus MOSFETs). 

  • ESR decreases drastically with temperature
  • Extremely low ESL
  • Cu inner electrode material properties are beneficial for high frequency switching with low losses and allow fast slew rates with a high Imax
  • Suitable for switching frequencies up to and above 1 MHz
  • Wide operating temperature range up to +150 °C (also suitable for SiC/ GaN)
  • Low losses at high frequencies
  • Supports fast-switching semiconductor
  • Supports further miniaturization of power electronics on the system level
  • Ultra low leakage currents due to material selection
  • With increasing frequencies the dielectric losses are decreasing
  • Terminals for solder and for modern fast press fit technology
  • Increasing capacitance with DC bias up to operating voltage
  • Compact housing with options for typical power modules for industrial and automotive
  • Special types for integration into power modules (IGBT/ MOSFET/ SiC)
  • High capacitance density
  • Extremely low ESR and low ESL
  • High current density, effective ripple voltage reduction capability
  • Increasing effective capacitance with rising voltage
  • Capable for high temperature excursions
  • Low losses at high frequencies
  • Supports fast switching semiconductors
  • Supports further miniaturization of power electronics on the system level
  • Insulation resistance: >1 GΩ very high, thus resulting in a very low leakage current, especially at high temperatures
  • ESL<3.5 nH and thus extremely low
  • Operating temperature -40 °C to +125 °C (for short periods up to +150 °C), thus also suitable for SiC and GaN
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