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Nippon Chemi-Con

Nippon Chemi-Con was established in 1931 as the first producer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in Japan, and now claims to be the largest manufacturer of these devices in the world.

In addition to several Japanese production facilities, they have manufacturing facilities in the US (United Chemi-Con), Indonesia and China.

They are a world leader in the research and design of aluminum capacitors as well as the production and supply of high grade aluminum foil.

Over recent decades they have expanded their product range to include multilayer ceramic capacitors and plastic film capacitors.

Product Overview

The range of aluminum electrolytic capacitors produced by Nippon Chemi-Con targets the consumer, professional, industrial, automotive  and audio industries. Their range devices comprises radial leaded capacitors, snap-in and screw terminal capacitors and surface mount V-chip capacitors. Extended performance types include low impedance radial leaded and surface mount capacitors, and vibration resistant radial leaded and surface mount capacitors.

  • Commercial Grade
  • Industrial Grade
  • Automotive Grade
  • Audio Grade

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Extended Performance


  • High Ripple Current,
  • Long Life,
  • Low ESR,
  • Low Impedance,
  • Ultra Long Life
Operating Temperature Range


  • -25°C -+85°C 0r -40°C – +85°C
  • -25°C – +105°C, -40°C – +105°C or -55°C – +105°C
  • -40°C – +125°C
  • -40°C – +135°C

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