A guide to Vishay Cera-Mite capacitors

Vishay Intertechnology is the largest producer of ceramic disc capacitors in the industry; Vishay Cera-Mite capacitors are the legacy product of the former ceramic capacitor division of Sprague Electric, a division that was absorbed into the Vishay stable of ceramic product upon the collapse of the Sprague Electric company.

Cera-Mite ceramic disc capacitors are commercial grade products designed for general purpose bypass, coupling and decoupling applications as well as snubber circuits in high voltage power supplies and lighting ballast systems.

These series differ in ceramic dielectric type, loss factor and temperature stability performance.

For details on other commercial grade high voltage ceramic disc capacitors, view this post on TDK devices.

NameCapacitance RangeVoltage RangeMounting Style
Vishay D Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors6.8pF - 0.068µF50Vdc - 500VdcRadial Leads
Vishay 561/562/565R Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors10pF - 0.1µF1,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay 561/562R Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors10pF - 0.01µF1,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay 561R Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors1pF - 680pF1,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay 561/564R Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors10pF - 6,800pF1,000Vdc - 3,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay 564/565R Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors10pF - 0.1µF2,000Vdc - 7,500VdcRadial Leads
Vishay 615R Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors100pF - 3,300pF10,000Vdc - 15,000VdcRadial Leads
Vishay 660 Series Ceramic Disc Capacitors100pF - 0.01µF10,000Vdc - 30,000VdcAxial Leads